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Our Story

Access a Lifetime’s Experience of Business Achievement

Key to the services offered by Meridian Business Consultancy is the extensive knowledge of Paul Kyriakou, the successful owner of the Meridian Office Group.

From his modest beginnings as a self employed tradesman through to his current position at the head of a multi-million pound group, Paul Kyriakou has gained a vital appreciation of the challenges at every level of business.

If your company is struggling to overcome an obstacle or difficulty, then Paul will provide you with a practical solution that is tested under the weight of real world demands. Through an independent view with a focus on positive outcomes, he works with clients to execute real lasting changes that form the foundations of business growth.

In 2016 Paul formed Meridian Business Consultancy. One of the main objectives of this business is to support and develop construction based ventures with the skills they need outside of the building site to operate effectively and increase profitability.

However, this service is not limited to those working in this sector – his extensive spectrum of process based knowledge can be applied to all kinds of small to medium enterprises, ranging from successful sole traders through to multi-site operations. No matter what kind of business you have, Meridian Business Consultancy can make a difference.

Meridian Business Consultancy has a fair and ethical approach to working with customers, suppliers and staff. We always endeavour to communicate the full implications of any changes in business policies and procedures to enable you to make the best decision for your business.

Our Approach to Improving Your Business

Building unique solutions for your company’s key challenges

There are certain roles and responsibilities that only you or your trusted team can complete in your business. But what about those tasks that are general to all businesses? Every company needs clear operations, effective accounting and a constant stream of sales and new orders.

In many businesses, especially those that are growing rapidly, there is often a lack of time and resources to implement changes in these key areas. And in many cases this lack of effective management is a key reason why businesses fail.

Working with Meridian Business Consultancy will help you construct the processes your business needs to complete your future plans and aspirations. To achieve this we have adopted a simple three stage approach that works in all three areas:

• Review – what outcomes do you want from your business activities and how are current activities supporting these goals.

• Action planning – what could your business do differently or better in order to achieve your outcomes for less time or financial cost?

• Implementation – putting the systems and procedures in place that will empower your business to reach your goals.

Now you can harness the power of Meridian Business Consultancy for your business.

Simply call 01603 722441 and arrange your free 2 hour advice and discover the difference we could make for you.